Sunday, August 12, 2007

Diet blogging

The time has come again for me to realise I've been living too much of the misery chip life and need to get my sh!t together.

As of 8 minutes ago, I've started a diet with dadsy. I'm right on the borderline of healthy and overweight, and I plan to lose 12 kilos. Hooray.

I've proddly put on a bit more than 5kg since we came back from OS, and at that stage I was 5kg or so heavier than what I wanted to be. I decided I would start a diet as soon as I found one that would work for me, and I kinda did. I can't say it's entirely what I want, but I'm hoping to work with the people to get it to exactly what I want. I also don't want to go into it too much here, but you'll get gists because I have a hard time keeping these things to myself.

I want to succeed.

I want to be in control.

I want to be happy to move, happy with how I look and happy with how I feel.

I want to not centre my thoughts on the next opportunity I'll have to eat 'bad' fod.

I want to not go to bed feeling queasy, spend a day feeling queasy and stop snacking on bad things just because I can.

I want to not feel guilt about what I'm eating, what I will eat and I what I have eating.

I want to stop pointing out my flaws for everyone for some sort of pennance - it doesn't make me feel better, it only makes me feel worse.

So, here's to weightloss - for seeing that I have now crossed that line I've been building up to over the last few weeks where I've sugar, fat and carb loaded as much as I could because I knew this time was coming.

Here's to feeling sexy for summer, ladies and gents!


Rosanna said...

I completely understand. I (suprisingly) lost weight in Europe, but now I want to go back to my size 10 self. My size 12 self, while healthy, is not good enough for summer.

We can do it together lovely! xo

Enny said...

rosanna - it's funny how it works, isn't it? You'd think while OS you'd be trying all the new stuff and gaining, whilst I found that we always seeemed to be doing stuff that took priority over lunching, as well as lots of walking and riding around!

My current size is not healthy ;o)

Steph said...

Good luck with it Enny. It seems the whole world is on a diet of some sort these days.
I tried to cut out carbs but I was like a heroin addict desperate for a hit!
Put off till another day now. *sigh*

DelightfulJen said...

Best of luck Enny!!
Summer is always a good motivation :)

tokenwoman said...

I FEEL YOUR PAIN!!! I just started the Tony Ferguson diet as I have 10kgs to lose to be in the healthy range again.

I started Friday and crave potatoes and pasta every minute. And I can see McDonalds and KFC from my work window too- the Gods want me to fail this!!

Mars said...

good luck! i lost weight while i was o/s (i think i mostly just sweat it all out!) and SWORE that when i got home i was going to carry on losing with my new improved healthy lifestyle.

that died in the arse after about 2 weeks.

hopefully you'll do better than me!!!

Kristine said...

What is it with losing weight when overseas? It's not fair.

In Vietnam, having the time of my life and eating (and drinking) amazing cheap food 5 times a day, I lost weight.

In New York, dining on American food ('ohhh, I wonder if we could fry this?'), hazlenut cofee from a percolator and tacos, I lost weight.

Then back home, snatching meals between work and class, somehow I gain. WHY. WHY CRUEL WORLD?!!!

Anonymous said...

Damn those misery chips... I fell into their evil trap last nite!

To make them even more evil, last nite I also discovered that one of their ingredients is "Milk Solids" - reason 739642849327392879384923847298374928347283974928374 to stay away from the bastards!!!!


Martie said...


Good luck with the Diet. I'm trying not think about dieting as such; just trying to eat better food, and today - I just hired a treadmill!!

Let's all be sexy for summer together!

PS - I tried Facebook, and I couldn't for the life figure it out. n00b!

Enny said...

steph - it ain't pretty, believe you me! I have to force myself not to think about turkish bread...

d'jen - thanks! I can't WAIT for summer!

t'woman - then we're feeling the same pain! Any withdrawals?

mars - oh yeah, the sweat - it was all sweat!

krisine - you can lose weight in America?! I GOTTA GO!!!

deb - Tasty Jacks are of the devil! You did well though - you were away for quite some time!!!

martie - WELCOME BACK!!!! Give it another try, I promise you'll love it - have fun with the treadmill!

coffeesnob said...

aside from this public vow, what exactly do you intend to do? because it's all in the details.

Enny said...

coffeesnob - hullo! I'm about to get to that :o)