Friday, April 06, 2007

An overseas jaunt

I'm not going to lie - this post is proddly more for my benefit than yours, but I'm going to share it with y'all anyways!

We depart Tuesday after next we just aren't organised... plus I've been out of bed for five hours* and have done nothing but browse while I have two major assignments to do before I leave!

So, here's our plan.

Day One:
Mumsy is going to drive The Hun and I to Sydney early for our 10am flight, and we arrive in Bangkok just before 4:30pm. I've been told that alchohol is free on international flights which is AWESOME news to hear, and I've been told that all flights have been notified of my veganism - which will be good times, good times for all. We hang out at the airport for two hours (of which almost all will be me complaining about the heat and my stank) and then land in Phuket at 7:40pm. Our first night will be spent here:

Nothing too special, but I'm sure we'll be totally out of sorts and it won't really matter. The Hun works with a lovely girl from the south of Thailand (TG) who has assisted him in organising a LOT of this trip and she has arranged a driver to pick us up from the airport and take us straight to the hotel - I have a bit of fear about being harassed by lots of people to use their services... TG has also arranged the accomodation at a non-westerner price, which our wallets appreciate muchly.

Days Two and Three:
A ferry trip on day two will take us to Phi Phi island for general holiday laziness, walks by water, complaints about the heat, tropical fruit and alcohol. I'm very excited to be staying here:
As it's the place I had my heart set on before we visited the travel agent and found out they couldn't book us in there. The best part is that their low season starts earlier than most others so we sill be staying in one of the nicer rooms - hooray!

Days Four and Five:
We catch the ferry back to Phuket on the morning of day four where TG has arranged a driver to take us to our next destination - Kuraburi!
They also have karaoke... uh oh! I think we're popping out to the Surin Islands while we're here - TG's mum doesn't swim either, and I've been advised that they let the non swimmers hang onto the side of the boat and feed the fish while the swimmers go out and snorkel - sounds good enough to me!

Days Six and Seven:
A driver will take us back to Phuket on day six and we'll be heading out that night to see the Fantasea show - apparantly a must see:
e'll be staying here:
Apparantly TG has got the rooms down from 8000Baht to 2500Baht, so it sounds like it might be a good room too:

Days Eight, Nine, Ten and Eleven:
We fly out of Phuket on day eight and arrive in Bangkok just before lunch. As recomended by a guy at work, we'll be staying here:
During this time we have been given the phone number of my big boss' niece who will take us out for a day to the Grand Palace, Wat Pho and the Emerald Buddha; we'd like to take a day trip out to Ayutthaya and of course shop, Shop, SHOP! Shoes, handbags, jewellery, food...

Days Twelve,Thirteen and Fourteen:
We fly out of Bangkok just after midnight on day twelve and arrive in Tokyo aroung 8:30 in the morning. From there we hafta bus to Tsukuba (about an hour out of Tokyo) and meet up with The Huns friend who lives there - he's arranged three nights for us next to where he lives, but as he is not one for planning/details, I don't know where it is.

Day fourteen is a day trip to Nikko! Again, don't know much about this, but here's a picture:

Days Fifteen and Sixteen:
Day Fifteen we plan to catch the Shinkansen to Kyoto and hang out around there - again, The Huns friend is looking after this part, so here is a picture of Kyoto:

Days Seventeen, Eighteen, Nineteen and Twenty:
Day seventeen we plan to Shinkansen to Tokyo for a five day stay! The Huns friend will be popping in to see us during the day here, but haven't really decided what we'd like to do! Accomodation in Tokyo is ridiculous, hence we'll be staying here:
I would like to see the Hirojuku girls, walk around in bewilderment and of course, go to:
This will be a topic of contention after our last theme park experience...

Days Twenty One and Twenty Two:
We fly out of Tokyo sometime on day Twenty (best check that) and arrive in Sydney at 6:30 on day Twenty One - jetlagged, messy and broke - for mumsy to pick us up for the drive back (three cheers for mumsy!).


*(Seven hours at time time of publish - that took waaaay longer than planned...!)


M said...

ohhhh, I'm only a zillion % jealous!

DelightfulJen said...

It sounds SO amazing, Enny!! Every single part just sounds so awesome!

I can't believe you are only considering Tokyo Disney!! I would spend twenty days just there (I've never been to any sort of Disney) I love theme parks!!

Good luck with your assignments!

Deb said...

*is jealous*

Martie said...

Sounds awesome. Makes my trip to Perth pale in comparison!

DelightfulJen said...

P.S Enny I love you for linking my Crafty Snake blog before even I had been bothered to :D

I shall go and make myself bothered to link my own blog this minute!

Enny said...

m - ONLY a zillion?!

d'jen - it's getting a bit exciting! I am TOTALLY planning Disnayland, however The Hun is TOTALLY against it, so the decision lays with The Hun's friend... (11pm Saturday night - uni work completed = 0%)

deb - you can hopefully live vacariously if I can manage to keep it updated O/s!

martie - I've never been the Perth!

d'jen - my pleasure :o)

Lulu said...

So exciting!!! I am so jealous of the Thai part of your trip...I went to Bangkok and Phuket but didn`t really get out to the islands. It was fab though!!!!

And we all know how much I HEART Japan!!! The only day I will be in Tokyo when you are is the 19th day at night (I fly back in that afternoon) and on the 20th day (6th right???) So if you want we should try to catch up then!!! Even if it is just for dinner (I can suss out a place with vegan options!!!) I`d love to meet you and the hun!!! Oh and Saturday and Sunday are the best days to see the harajuku girls...since most of them are still in highschool they are only around on weekends. Lovely shrine and good shopping near there too. I`d be happy to show you around on day 20, the sunday, if you would like!

Email me closer to the time when you have more idea of your plans.

I loved disneyland by the way! But most themeparks are the same so if you are pushed for time you could probably give it a miss!!! (Please don`t kill me for saying that!!!!!!)

Good luck with the assignments!

Enny said...

lulu - squee! So exciting and we'll definately take you up on day 20! We fly out early on the 8th, so the Sunday sounds good - would also be good for The Hun's friend to have a break from my incessant nagging :o)

I started to get really excited about Thailand now that I've seen more pictures of it all!

And don't worry about Disneyland - I've only ever been to Sea World, Dream World, Movie World, Wet'n'Wild and Wonderland (tho that does sound like a lot for someone who hates rides!) so would like to try out the whole Disney experience!