Monday, April 30, 2007


Just a quick post while The Hun is showering and his friend is out getting rid of a car (he knows I blog and will proddly find it on his computer, so if you're reading this S*, jus lemme know?!).

I really wish I had been able to update more, but didn't realise how hectic we'd be and how affected we'd be by the time difference over three countries - sure, it's only small, but flying for 5 hours from midnight and arriving 8 hours later in another country is one of those things that seems to much me about.

Japan has been quite relaxing so far - we stayed in a guest room at the dorm's where S* also lives - it was a beautiful room. And contrary to my prior beliefs, heated toilet seats ARE the greatest invention in the world - they're warmer than 'just used' so that makes all the difference. I believe of the two countries, Thailand is better for holidays and Japan would be better for living (Lulu, I can see how you ended up here!) however they have seemed much less pleased with the tourists - I got punched by a bus driver in Nikko today and he yelled 'Show me ticket' and it also came over the microphone to the whole bus - how was I supposed to know?! However, I've been practicing "SE-KU-HA" (sexual harassment) (saying it, not doing it) as I didn't really like the whole being punched thing.

We're catching a bus at 10:53 (easy time for Canberrans to remember) to Kyoto and arrive at 6:30 tmr mrng - can't say I'm a big fan of overnight travel but will have to lump it I guess.

I hope all is well in blogland and I've been checking comments as they arrive in my inbox (Susanne is alive!!) and do promise to get back to each and every one.

Best go shower!


Deb said...

hey we're thinking of travelling to thailand (the bf has family there) and to japan too! But the whole 'punched in the face' by a bus driver scares me!!

Hope you're having fun - cant wait to see the pics!!!

Amanda said...

You got punched? Really? Whatever happened to the super polite Japan we all hear about?

Good to hear heated toilet seats are actually a good thing. Like you, I find it hard to believe, but I'll trust you on this one.

Mars said...

can't wait to see some pics (even if they do have yellow faces!!) i'd love to go to japan one of these days... jealous!

LPC said...

I just want to say that public servants are about the best people on earh.

Adam said...

You better not be stealing my idea of being Australia's first/biggest/megaist importer of heated toilets with attached radios. They are super rad! Dude, punched? I just can't get over that, when we were in Japan everyone was so overly polite. I guess if someone was going to get punched by the world's most polite people, it had to be you. Haha! A country full of ninjas...

Enny said...

deb - do it, Do It, DO IT! You'll have a ball! Besides, if you do get punched, you know what to yell now ;o)

amanda - I guess he was the exceptions! Perhaps he was tired of being so polite all the time and I snapped the camels back?! You TOTALLY have to go with me on the seats :o)

mars - they'll come soon, I wanna catch up on everyone else first! :o)

lpc - I TOTALLY agree!

adam - I couldn't be assed (snigger) tho I'd order one off you, and I thought you'd get a kick out of ME being the one to be beaten!