Sunday, October 19, 2008

Fian-say #3

The engagement party is next weekend and I'm very excited, so I thought I'd share a little of it with you.

I realised I hadn't shown you the invites (although some of you might have seen the terrible pics dadsy posted on his facebook of mumsy and I making them!)

I know you don't get too much of an idea of it from there, but I love them! Youngest bro helped me pick out the paper, and we basically identified what I hpe will be the theme for the wedding: purple, green and birds. The writing is on a lovely ivory paper with a swirls and birds patten in the background (ignoring the fact that the ink didn't stink so much to the shinier swirls and birds!), and the side border was made of this paper:

It looks lovelier in person, you'll have to trust me!

*** If Magf, gf1 or gf2 are reading this, stop now! Check back in after the party!***

My engagement party is on the same day as gf1's sisters 18th, so she's coming and leaving a little earlier than the others, so I thought it would be nice to catch gf1, gf2 and Magf togeher - we're having famliy come over from 1, and friends over from 4.

I've been reading a LOT of wedding stuff online, and thought it would be nice to formally present my bridesmaids to be with a little gift, seeing as I haven't 'officially' told or asked them.

Here's what they get:
And now you know what the initials of my party will be! Shh!

They're little sparkly keyrings that I thought were cute, and I bought these little boxes to put them in:

They were less than three dollars each, and cute, and kinda purple. So I HAD to get them. You undertand, right?

I handwrote a little note on some of the leftover side-strips from the invites - you can tell I am destined for greatness via my terrible handwriting.

Ooh! I wrote them with the spiffy new pen that The Hun's parents brought me back from jolly old London!

I shoved the keyrings in the boxes on top of some green crepe paper and covered it with scatter confetti hearts before I put the little note in on top:

And then?

Ta da! I'm not a good ribbon tyer, but whatevs.

I also wanted to show you the lovely wedding planner that one of my ex-first-housemates bought me!

It may not look like much, but it is so lovely inside - I had a cheapie one that came with a magazine, but I wasn't very excited about that one. This one, I love - see:

And it wasn't until I took the photo of my covering up the names (that I've already written in) that I realised I may not have shown you my beautiful ring until now?



alyndabear said...

It is absolutely stunning, lovely! I am so thrilled for you! :D

Lulu said...

Oh Enny those invites look fantastic! You reminded me that I haven`t posted what our save the date invites look like yet either (yet I sent them over a month ago!)

It is so nice how you are asking your friends to be bridesmaids- I asked mine on facebook! hehe! I plan on giving them a pretty kickass thank you present though- any ideas?

Enny said...

a'bear - thankyou! I'm a big puff of thrilled at the moment :o)

lulu - thanks!! I'm glad you like them - up close they proddly look a little dodgy, but what do they expect ;o) I'd love to see your STDs!

I just thought it would be a nice little something to do. Magf paid for our earrings and necklaces and also bought us little clutch bags, which I thought was nice?

Lil B. said...

From someone who is not au fait with wedding acronyms...


Sorry, I will grow up now ;)

Enny said...

lil b - I knew that would get at least ONE person ;o)