Thursday, August 28, 2008

Qld wrapup

I can't believe it's Thursday and I didn't get another romantic proposal!

I do, however, believe that I promised to tell you about Jen's farewell.

I had a FANTASTIC time! People - if you get the chance to travel interstate to catch up with friends, then you just have to do it.

Weekend Summary:
  • Gf1, Gf2 and I got no more than four hours sleep each the night before - I guess one of the things we have in common is a habit of procrastinating our packing.
  • Saturday started at 4:30am - it was dark, but still a mild 5 degrees. Which may sound cold, but it was -2 when we were near Lake George with the windows open (Gf1 gets travel sick).
  • Gf1 was accused of being a bad friend on the flight up, as she sat next to me while I cradled my head in my hands. I am not a good flier. By the end of it, I was the one looking like a bad friend - Gf1s travel sickness was kicking in, and I was casually flipping through the wedding mag we picked up at the last minute.
  • The DFO was okay, but nothing too spectacular - that said, I got a pair of Oroton sunnies for $70, reduced from $200!
  • We got into a cab that was sitting out the front of the DFO, and were greeted by a, ehm, friendly old cabbie. He had lived in Canberra and was full of the type of peculiar jokes that only a lonley old ex Canberran can make. This culminated in him asking for one of our numbers and Gf2 was deemed the one 'lucky' enough to hand over her name and number - he confirmed he'd meet us out the front of the hotel at 11am the next morning.
  • BTW - F*CK QANTAS. Those guys canelled our 3:15 return flight and offered us only a 10:15 or 6:15 return flight with ZERO apology. They later called back to let us know there were 3 free seats on the 12:15, but seriously. I hate you guys.
  • We bummed around for a while, and just as I was starting to feel left out (Gf1 and Gf2 were sharing a room and getting ready in the other end of the apartment) they surprised me with choccies and champagne!!!
  • The Oaks Margaret is VERY highly recommended! Kristy met up with us there and she also gave it the thumbs up (and showed me some Tupperware I need to get my hands on!).
  • The party itself was great! It was so good to catch up with Jen, Jey, Deb, Jac, Laura and Lee. It was also nice to meet Andy and Shun for the first time - go boy power! The food and bar service was also super fantastic and everyone had a great time. I wish everyone lived closer!!! There was a lot of drinking, a lot of squealing, a lot of catching up and a few (unsuccessful)photos with Jen's fingerstache. Somewhere along the line I bumped the settings on my camera, so most of my pics are blurry and/or dark and/or discoloured. Wah!
  • PS - vegan cupcakes? NOM NOM NOM. Even though I don't know if they were the best, they were still the tastiest thing I've had in quite a while - the third piece of 'cake' I've had in just over 2.5 years.
  • We finished early-ish (roughly midnight I think?) but that was to be expected after a full day of travel and only 4 hours sleep the night before! We figured everyone was going to party on, but I think everyone left not long after us.
  • The next day we popped down the markets near where we were (for a CD and an envirobag) and then got a call from our cabbie - who was early. When we got there, he announced he would take us on a housing tour, seeing as we had time! Well. I have never been more mentally prepared to bash an old person - I was fully alert that he may be trying to kill us, driving up in the hills - it was all very suss! Luckily for him the fare turned out roughly the same as it cost us the day before to get to the airport to the DFO and then the DFO to the hotel. But still. Highly innapropriate.
  • The flight back was bumpy and long. And I broke a headrest. And we were right up the back. But then, we found the car fine and we made it back home by 8pm - a great weekend had by all.
So there you are - a pretty awesome 40 hours. I can't wait to catch up with all you guys again!

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