Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Humbly shot dots

Okay. I'm a bad blogger. Let me try to break it down here.
  • The diet blog stopped - I was enjoying it, but there's only so much talking to the wall one person can do. I was writing there everday, writing here less, stopped writing there, and didn't write here any more. It could make a comeback, so jam it in your feeder and we'll see what happens. And FYI, I haven't gained that weight back... I just haven't lost any more either!
  • I've been in a bit of a funk lately. It's roughly 50% my fault, and because I shirk responsibility, I won't take any more of it than that. Knowing that I worked myself into it doesn't mean it just disapears, it just means that I came very close to breaking point, and willed myself away from that. It can be so exhausting in my head, and my manic extremes exsaberate it to no end. But all is good. I just needed some down time.
  • 600 posts is drawing near. Any suggestions for how to celebrate? I know that RSS has eaten everyone's souls, but at this stage all ideas are welcome.
  • I'd like to send my thoughts to the Dave Matthew Band - the amazing saxophonist LeRoi Moore passed away today. I have a bunch of live CD's and he is just so talented, and all the fans love him ("Happy Birthday LeRoi!") and I'm glad I got a chance to see him in Sydney. The DMB instrumentals can drag on when you listen through headphones, but they were fantastic live, one of my top five shows of all time.

  • Gf1, Gf2 and I are leaving Canberra at 5am on Saturday to drive to Sydney to fly to Brisbane. Not only to go mental at the DFO, lounge about in an apartment and spend strange amounts of time together while ducking down to the foyer to use the loo, but because they are good friends who agreed to come with me to a farewell for someone they have not met. And may never meet again. Yup - we're off to Brissy for Jen's farewell! I'm trying to think of it as just an awesome party, because thinking of it as a farewell makes me feel sad... even though she's interstate and we only met twice! I'll do my best to bring back some yellow-faced piccies.
  • Also - any Canberran's heading out to the opening of the Canberra DFO? I am SO keen for it. I was one of the 3000 to register for the opening night which is going to be crazy insane - we're so tight down here, so all the crazies will be out - but still, can't wait.
  • Pounder went in for the snip today, and the vet also found a rotten tooth he is pulling out. Of his mouth, of course. The vet said that his teeth indicate he's actually only 2 or 3 years old, which gives him a few bonus years, and is good news for my family that is trying, unsuccessfully, to house train him. Hopefully his new subtraction will severely cut down his urination fascination, and perhaps even cut back some of the crazy.
  • In other Pounder news, mumsy and I are attending this workshop (that Jey told us about - thanks Jey!) to try to delve into the behavioural issues. Even if it doesn't work, I think it will be great to learn what they have to teach, and uber-great to spend the Sunday morning surrounded by dogs!
  • Uni - zomg. 10 weeks to go. That's 8 classes. 7 if you exclude the test next week. It's a boring unit and it's run TERRIBLY but I am that keen to finish and be graduating. I'm thinking of buying myself one of these as a graduation present - thoughts?
  • The house hunting has cooled a little - prices are dropping, and are expected to sit roughly 5-10% in 6 - 12 months time. This may not seem like much, but we have awesome rent where we are atm, so we are in a better position to save and have a better deposit when we do find the 'perfect' place. If we get budged out, we'll look to buy. But if not, we'll stay here while we can and make some savings. Fingers crossed.
  • I am SO over the olympics. The Hun has been up until 1am most nights and it is tiring being woken up when he wakes up on the couch and goes to bed!
  • Speaking of bed - we have hit jackpot. Instead of constantly playing tug-of-war over the two doona's that only seem capable of being on one side of the bed at a time, we have put the doona's UNDER the blanket and ABOVE the sheets. INGENIOUS! You would not BELIEVE what a difference it has made. Random CAPS worth of difference!!!
  • My martial arts trip for Darwin next year has been canned, but I will instead be heading up to Maroochydore. I will be heading up there this December too. Oh! And all my work travel (to Brissy, Parramatta, Melbourne, Adelaide, Hobart and Perth) looks to be happening in October - nerdfests ahoy!
  • I think that's all I have for now. Please forgive my past indiscretions, I promise to make this little window of time more worth your while.
Have a great weekend everyone!


Lulu said...

I am so excited about Sat night! Looking forward to seeing you then!

Enny said...

lulu - It was totally worth the wait!!!