Thursday, August 07, 2008

Hair cuts and Hair cats

So - the ever lovely Pounder finally got a trim this week.

We've always taken our dogs to the same place, a good feature of which was the report cards - it was always hilarious to read Elvis' report cards, tracking his devolution to his crotchety old man behavior.

Whilst they still tie the same little bows into the dogs fringes, they don't do the report cards anymore. We did hear that the crazy dog did go into a bit of a frenzy when he was in the cage, biting at his own leg. And he did it again yesterday. Interesting.

BUT - here are the gratuitous shots, courtesy of Youngest Bro:

The little jacket used to belong to Max, I think it's doing a good job of keeping him warm AND making him look like a smart little man.

Also (for Deb!) here is bossy Mr Cat harassing Youngest Bro:


Deb said...

Buhaha... look at Mr Cat!! He is awesome! I'm loving the attitude :)


Enny said...

deb - you need to go read youngest bro's latest FB status ;o)