Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Milestones Forever

Did you see So You Think You Can Dance on Sunday?
Don't let looks deceive you - check out this girl, 'Forever', she is just AMAZING:

I had goosebumps and was a little teary watching it (though, I got teary watching Madagascar 2 on Saturday, so perhaps take the tears with a grain of salt).

There was another girl on there, a lady who was self taught and funded in hiphop because they ddin't have the money for lessons when she was younger. She was 27.

I was looking at her face, and looking at how much older than everyone else she looked. I knew when I look at the younger contestants, like 17 - 21, that I look older than that. But when I look at the 27 year old, I think I look younger than that.

You guys - I turn 27 this year.

So yesterday, the second of February, I bought eye cream for the first time.
Let's see if I can't look as young as I feel for a while more, huh?

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